They've found a growth lever with YOUrban

Shopping malls

Drive consistent foot traffic to your retail destination with lasting impact.

Local authorities

Revive your town center in alignment with the desires of your community.

Invest & asset management

Benefit from in-depth knowledge of the markets in which your assets are held, for decisions with a high ROI and positive impact.


Enhance your understanding of catchment areas using precise local data.

The YOUrban approach

YOUrban decodes expectations to help you increase traffic and sales.

1. Sourcing new concepts and activities

Identify unmet local needs. Explore attractive concepts in other territories.

2. Measure your digital performance

Compare your digital strategy with that of your competitors. Track your brands' performance. Challenge projections.

3. Boost your traffic and sales

Amplify the reach of your marketing campaigns by identifying the keywords that will make you stand out from the crowd and measuring their impact on your foot traffic.

A unique solution on the market

A groundbreaking approach that seamlessly merges insights from the physical and digital realms.

YOUrban leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools alongside 15+ physical and digital indicators to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior, identify local trends, and enhance your overall performance.

An adaptable solution that grows alongside you, empowering your expansion both locally and globally.

Commercial polarities accessible
International coverage
Europe coverage

Unlock your potential with data-driven insights

What are you seeking today?

  • Generating new offer ideas
  • Evaluating and optimizing digital strategy ROI on pedestrian traffic
  • Improving project success odds
  • Customized requests

They've YOUrbanized their projects!

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A data-driven strategy is a modern approach to corporate decision-making that revolutionizes the way organizations operate.

It relies on the utilization of data and analytical insights to inform and shape strategic decisions, leading to increased efficiency and innovation.

This approach ensures that decisions are grounded in concrete, empirical information, allowing businesses to maintain their competitiveness, optimize financial resources, and reduce risks. By implementing specialized tools and processes, organizations can streamline their operations and focus on their core activities while consistently making informed, data-backed decisions.

YOUrban is the essential solution for commercial site owners and managers. If you’re facing challenges such as increasing foot traffic, tenant occupancy, or ineffective marketing expenditures, we’re here to support you.

Leveraging our expertise in commercial real estate, data analysis, and an extensive partner network, we’ll help you discover untapped growth opportunities. Overcome bottlenecks, maximize the appeal of your commercial spaces, and develop strategic initiatives.

With YOUrban, tangible growth is within reach.

To speed up the growth of your commercial zone with YOUrban, simply reach out to us!

Our initial conversation will allow us to gain a deep understanding of your objectives. Whether it’s filling vacant spaces, optimizing your merchandising mix, or identifying missing services in your center, we’ll explore all your aspirations together. After this initial exchange, our experts will immediately begin your customized audit. In less than a month, you’ll receive your first set of recommendations.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. We’ll guide you through our software, empowering you to use it independently.

If you’re eager to get started, feel free to explore our available offers. Your key to unlocking explosive growth may be waiting among the use cases on our website.

Achieving rapid growth has never been simpler with YOUrban.


Implementing a data-driven strategy without guidance can indeed pose significant challenges.

The conventional approach to market analysis and performance evaluation demands extensive time and effort for data collection, consultations, analysis, and, ultimately, strategy formulation.

Imagine redirecting that valuable time and energy toward growing your business instead.

YOUrban brings a revolutionary approach to strategic decision-making, built upon three crucial pillars:

  1. A network comprising more than 100 experts, each committed to addressing your unique requirements.
  2. Profound expertise in data science, bolstered by esteemed partnerships with industry leaders like Google.
  3. An integrated offering that seamlessly combines services and software access, simplifying your operations.

With YOUrban, your path to data-driven success is streamlined and efficient.

We offer three distinct packages to meet your specific real estate development needs:

Offer 1 – One-shot :

Our first offer consists of carrying out one-shot studies according to your marketing, strategic or commercial needs.

Offer 2 – Software access + Training

Do you use our data on a regular basis? Step up a gear and train one of your employees to use our platform. With YOURBAN SaaS, save time and study costs!

Offer 3 – Software access :

Your employees are trained, and you now have editor access to our software so you can customize it to meet your needs!

Whatever your use case, whether you’re looking to increase foot traffic, attract new tenants, optimize the performance of your retailers or track tenant awareness, YOUrban offers a range of options to help you achieve your objectives strategically and efficiently.