Google seach data

Access dynamic information on Google searches carried out by Internet users in your catchment area

Competitive data

Get a list of the retailers and services closest to a given point.

Digital performance and footfall data

Centralize your digital and physical traffic indicators, and data on your users’ online experience.

Open-access data

Access all territorial, socio-demographic and price data!

YOUrban is the first French business intelligence solution
that combines physical expertise with the power of data science.


To be accompanied by data experts and benefit from a proven methodology.


For greater flexibility in your research and analysis, you can now take your data with you wherever you go.


Join a community of movers and shakers and exchange ideas with your peers!

Tailored consulting solutions for your challenges.

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Find out how a town center in a declining area gained 10% more pedestrian traffic without increasing its marketing budget!

The company featured in this case study is a downtown shopping center offering a variety of stores and services, with a focus on the family. The mall had undergone

Find out how a regional center has filled its vacant cells and found a differentiating positioning!

The company presented in this case study is a shopping center located on the outskirts of town, offering a variety of stores and services around ready-to-wear and fast food.

Find out how one optician used our support to identify the right business location!

The company presented in this case study is an optical store specializing in sports eyewear and looking to set up in Montpellier’s hinterland, run by Olivia. Prior to our

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3 times faster

3 times faster

Save time on your projects and focus on strategy by accessing answers in real time.

100 % adaptable

100 % adaptable

Discover geolocalized, customized analysis.

1000 times safer

1000 times safer

Benefit from an objective approach based on an indisputable argument: the concrete actions of local residents.

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1. Diagnosis

Get a completely objective analysis of your situation with our audit.

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3. Action plan and follow-up

Access a detailed roadmap to visualize and achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

4. Software access

Access the same data quality as data scientists, in just a few clicks!

Thanks to data collected from search engines like Google, YOUrban provides you with an exclusive market perspective.

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